CWIEME Berlin is the global biggest and most professional exhibition on coil,motor,transformer and electrical insulating material industries hosted by ITE EVENTS LIMITED. It was firstly held in Berlin in 1996 and held once a year. During the past years, more than 600 enterprises from more than 80 countries, such as: China, Germany, France, Italy, America, Canada and Japan etc. attended the exhibition. These enterprises show their most advance technology, know the latest trend of market and simultaneously impels the development of the entire electrical manufacturing industry.

      During the exhibition on May14 to May 16, more than 6,000 engineers and professionals who work on purchasing, R&D and production gathered, and got the products and service on parts, raw material and processing machinery from more than 600 suppliers.
      In the global magnet wire industry gala, Anhui Juxin Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereafter called Juxin) attracted the many professionals’ eyes with its domestic leading die products and processing technology.

      This time Juxin brought various kinds of its new products, fully demonstrated its professional strength and extraordinary creativity on the high performance metal wire forming field, also show Juxin’s forward looking and innovation on its future development.

      This time attending the exhibition is an important step to Juxin’s diversified international market development as well, based on the exhibition, Juxin moves forward on the international market development, improve the brand popularity, meanwhile also established a tighter cooperation with the partners all over the world.

      During the exhibition, Juxin booth attracted lots of professionals to come and communicate, while sharing the opinions on the latest trend,challenges and opportunities with them, Juxin also took this chance to know more demand and trends in the international market, and obtained precious market information for its future development.

      Regarded as the significant bridge of commercial communication, the exhibition creates the best opportunities to Juxin on developing its oversea market and expanding its exports, and the exhibition also buit up the ideal platform for the information communication and commercial conversations between Juxin and the customers, and help to search for the potential partners and strengthen the relationship. During the exhibition, many oversea investors and experts come and inquired, Juxin show them it technical products, innovated solutions and excellent service.

      As a manufacturing company focuses on the life time quality management products for wire and cable industry, Juxin has many years’ professional experience on high performance dies for metal wire and cable forming field, and has mature solutions and powerful technical team. Juxin takes the innovation as the power and customers as the centricity, and apply itself to supply the products and service with high quality, performance and efficiency for every customer, and design the specific solution for various requests int he market.

      As an enterprise on high performance metal wire and cable forming field, Juxin greatly improve its influence on the international market by attending the exhibition. In its future development, it will continuously keep the idea of innovation,profession and service, insists on creation, enhance the R&D investment and the technologys, and unceasingly improve the product quality and performance to meet with the constant changing requests of the market. Meanwhile Juxin will try its best on the international market development and seize more partners and opportunities to make greater contribution to the development of the industry.