Industrial Internet identification analysis system is an important part of the industrial Internet network architecture, just like DNS, is one of the core infrastructure of Global Industrial Internet.

Identification Code

The basis of identification is derived from the name marking of items, entities and objects in the IoT, it's the unique "identity card" of machines and items which is combined by numbers, letters, symbols, words, etc., under certain rules.

Analytical System

It's the premise and foundation to realize the precise docking of global supply chain system and enterprise production system, product life cycle management and intelligent service to carry out the unique positioning and information query of machines and articles by using identity.

Identity Data Service

Industrial identification data management and cross-enterprise, cross-industry and cross-region data sharing are carried out by means of identification coding resources and identification resolution system.

Statistic Analysis

The platform will carry out big data statistical analysis on the identification data of enterprises and provide users with different statistical reports on a regular basis, it will made the enterprise management identity more easy.

Scan Code Parsing

Users use the APP application with the function of scanning code (such as: WeChat) to scan the two-dimensional code of the identification of the industrial Internet, access to the identification analysis system and show the detailed content of the identification.

Data template

The platform added data template function, users can create their own identification data template according to their own product attributes.Data template can adapt to the different characteristics of enterprise products, more close to the actual needs of enterprises.

Identifying API Interface

The platform provides enterprise users with an API interface for identification, through which users can create, parse, delete and other operations of enterprise identification, and realize the docking with the enterprise information system.