Visualization and standardization

Visual management, to provide standardized and standardized R & D process management

Improve development efficiency

Capable of rapid development, testing and deployment

Provide Common Capability

Provides common security, authentication, and push capabilities

Secondary development support

Based on IOC and common event, message and other mechanisms to provide system scalability capabilities

JuXin Cloud platforms

Paas-level support platform provides cloud service capabilities such as container, monitoring, log, hybrid cloud, and API market to help enterprises quickly, efficiently, and securely implement business cloud

Lightweight MES

Break enterprise information silos and help manufacturing industry refine management.

PaaS-level support platform, the platform provides containers, monitoring, logging, hybrid cloud, API marketplace and other cloud service capabilities to help enterprises quickly, efficiently and securely achieve business to the cloud


Process Flow Management

The production process is recorded in the system and only the files in the system need to be changed, eliminating the need to manually change paper documents, which is both convenient and fast.

Production schedule

You can make production work orders corresponding to the production plan, get production status information and give feedback to the production plan, so that the production plan can adjust the production situation according to the actual situation.

Visualization Management

Production progress, equipment utilization, production time, operators and other information are displayed on a large screen on the shop floor, allowing for a clear understanding of production status and enhanced control of production and handling of abnormal information.

Quality Management

By unifying the quality inspection information in the production process with the product information, the administrator can carry out the required content by different search conditions, and the search is simple and convenient.

Lightweight TMP

The equipment asset management system takes the comprehensive use efficiency of equipment as the core, integrates the management of all aspects of the whole process of equipment, and realizes the application of PDCA specification for the whole process of standard setting, online report and plan issuance, implementation process monitoring, result verification, statistical analysis, and continuous improvement.

Record and manage the data related to your company's equipment so that it can be found at any time.

Facilitates the creation of inspection schedules, regular maintenance schedules, and annual overhaul schedules.

Real-time monitoring of the operating status of each device, early warning and automatic alarm.

Safety stock warning and spare parts shortage statistics


Lightweight Industrial Internet

Provide digital diagnosis, digital technology, digital resource collaboration and other services for enterprises, providing drawings, models, samples and other types of industrial resources

Helping companies focus on business scenario innovation

It helps enterprise customers using multi-cloud to better manage and use cloud resources, continuously deliver and accelerate business innovation, and achieve one-stop management and continuous optimization for the future operation and sustainability of enterprise cloud architecture systems.