Advantages of The Platform

Technological Superiority

The platform integrates the whole industry's professional maintenance service resources, and provides technical application support such as fault code standards, fault diagnosis knowledge map, 5G edge computing analysis

Advantage of Platform

To provide customers with transparent price, unified process, technical standardization, standardized operation and other professional services

Brand Advantage

Integrating the resources of the whole group and deeply plowing the industry for 60 years, it has the advantage of a national double-cross industrial Internet platform

Platform Response

Receive orders online to avoid the waste of time in email transactions and ensure the smooth completion of the generation tasks

Solution Architecture

The platform integrates order management, order progress tracking, order statistical analysis and other functions, and cooperates with Alibaba to achieve real-time logistics tracking

Intelligent Diagnosis

Through remote intelligent diagnosis, the dies model can be accurately matched to provide the best choice

Automation improvement in the cable industry

Through the construction of three-dimensional warehouse and automatic storage and logistics integrated solutions, and through the MES, to achieve storage and logistics automation