Edge Computing Gateway

Industrial Exchange

Soft Router

Serial Server

industrial Internet platforms

Fast access to new devices, covering all part of the IoT, from production monitoring to process management

Industrial big data platform

A one-stop big data platform, providing management configuration factory containing data files, data sources and algorithms

Industrial Internet developer platform

Provide a variety of development tools for the project, to achieve low cost, convenient way of application construction

Digital twin

Product R&D verification, virtual debugging, visual simulation and monitoring of operating state, automatic optimization, equipment maintenance

5G edge calculation

We will develop a new model of 5G+ industrial Internet manufacturing, explore innovative applications of 5G, and deeply empower the industrial internet

Identity resolution application

Industrial identification data management and cross-enterprise, cross-industry, cross-area, cross-country data sharing

Access to the national secondary industry nodes

To provide cross-field, cross-industry and cross-enterprise basic resources and information interconnection capability

Logistics tracking

Product traceability

Intelligent PMC

Scan code analyzing

Tracing the source

Collaborative manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing

We will implement the strategic plan for strengthening China's smart manufacturing, apply new technologies, new forms of business, and new models, promote the construction of the industrial Internet, optimize production and manufacturing processes, improve efficiency, and assist enterprises in digital transformation to build smart factories.


Stable operation throughout the year


Collect and analyze data continuously


Response time in milliseconds

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The latest development and the latest technical dynamics in the industry

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